My beloved K & I lived for over a decade in Western Massachusetts, in the wonderful land known as the Berkshires. In the fall of 2012 we moved to the Russian River Valley of Sonoma, having fallen in love with the wine country environment and the village of Graton, north of Sebastopol. I am a freelance writer who switch hits as a marketing communications and PR consultant. K, who has a PhD in cognition and perceptual psychology, works in information visualization and user-centered design. We share our lives with two rescued Pembroke Welsh Corgis: Remington and Hobbes.

Hobbes was a severely underweight, sickly stray, with heartworm, organ failure, and multiple dog bites, languishing in a Houston shelter. He was cleaned up and taken care of by CorgiAid.com which is where we found him on the internet. K flew to Texas to adopt him, and drove him back to Massachusetts because the heartworm treatment had rendered Hobbes too weak to fly. He weighed just 16 pounds when we adopted him in 2004, but he’s now about 25 pounds. We don’t know how old he is when K picked him up, but after 8 years with us he is showing a bit of gray in the face.. He is a happy, healthy fellow, very sweet and gentle.

Remington was a chubby guy who could barely run when we adopted him in western Pennsylvania in 2010. He had been very attached to the father of the family that owned him, but when the man died his wife found Remington too much of a reminder of her late husband. Remi was passed around to various family members and friends, and ultimately ended up tied to a post outside and neglected, which is how he gained so much weight. He weighed 38 pounds when we adopted him; now he weighs about 25, and he has energy to spare. He’s very loving, clingy, and a bit of a busy body; we’ve given him the full name Remington Underfoot Bulldozer, and his nickname is Restless Remi.

Cassandra was our first corgi. We purchased her from a breeder in Maine, and she lived most of her life with us in Boston, and, in later years, the Berkshires. At about age 12 she showed signs of degenerative myelopathy, which is like Lou Gehrig’s Disease for dogs. We had a “wheelchair” made for her by Eddie’s Wheels in Shelburne Falls, Massachsuetts, and she had two more happy years of life.

After Cassandra’s death we realized that there were many corgis that needed homes, so we decided our next corgis would be rescues. We found Duffy through the Palmetto Welsh Corgi Club’s rescue page. In his first family, a boy had cut his ear with a scissor and Duffy bit the kid, landing Duffy in the pound. We were an ideal adoptive family for Duffy since he never liked kids after that. Because of the distinctive nick in his ear, we gave him the full name Duffy Van Gogh. When he was 12 Duffy developed congestive heart issues to which he succumbed in 2010.


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